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Accessory Atrioventricular Bundle 
Agenesis of Corpus Callosum +   
Airway Remodeling  
alopecia +   
Amyloid Plaques +   
Atrial Remodeling 
Atrophy +   
Blister +   
brain compression  
Calculi +   
Choristoma +  
Cysts +   
Dilatation, Pathologic  
Diverticulum +   
enterocele +   
Facial Asymmetry +   
Fistula +   
Hypertrophy +   
General increase in bulk of a part or organ due to CELL ENLARGEMENT and accumulation of FLUIDS AND SECRETIONS, not due to tumor formation, nor to an increase in the number of cells (HYPERPLASIA).
Leg Length Inequality 
Leukoplakia +   
Malformed Nails +   
Pathologic Constriction +   
Plaque, Atherosclerotic  
Polyps +   
Prolapse +  
Rupture, Spontaneous +   
Spontaneous Perforation 
Tertiary Lymphoid Structures 
Torsion Abnormality +   
Vascular Remodeling +   
Ventricular Remodeling  

Exact Synonyms: Hypertrophies
Primary IDs: MESH:D006984 ;   RDO:0001544
Definition Sources: MESH:D006984

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