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aortic malignant tumor (DOID:8352)
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aortic disease +     
vascular cancer +     
angiosarcoma +   
aorta angiosarcoma 
aorta atresia 
aortic aneurysm +   
Aortic Arch Syndromes +   
aortic atherosclerosis  
aortic dissection  
Aortic Injuries  
aortic malignant tumor 
A vascular cancer that is located_in the aorta. (DO)
aortic valve disease +   
Calcific Aortic Disease with Immunologic Abnormalities, Familial 
carotid body cancer 
Leriche Syndrome 
malignant hemangioma +   
Marfan syndrome +   
Overriding Aorta +   
perivascular tumor +   
pulmonary artery choriocarcinoma 
pulmonary artery leiomyosarcoma 
pulmonary vein leiomyosarcoma 
Singleton Merten Syndrome +   
superior vena cava angiosarcoma 
superior vena cava leiomyosarcoma 

Exact Synonyms: aortic malignant neoplasm
Xrefs: NCI:C5375
Definition Sources: "DO"

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