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central nervous system osteosarcoma (DOID:7994)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
adult extraosseous osteosarcoma 
bone leiomyosarcoma  
bone osteosarcoma +   
brain sarcoma 
breast osteosarcoma 
central nervous system angiosarcoma 
central nervous system chondroma 
central nervous system fibrosarcoma 
central nervous system leiomyosarcoma 
central nervous system osteosarcoma 
central nervous system rhabdomyosarcoma 
childhood osteosarcoma 
chondroblastic osteosarcoma  
extraosseous osteosarcoma +   
kidney osteogenic sarcoma 
leptomeninges sarcoma 
liposarcoma of bone 
localized osteosarcoma 
malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone 
meninges sarcoma +   
metachronous osteosarcoma of the bone 
Oslam syndrome 
Premature Aging, Okamoto Type 
Retinoblastoma-Related Osteosarcoma 
spinal cord sarcoma 

Xrefs: NCI:C7002

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