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oxyphilic adenoma +     
childhood multilocular cystic kidney neoplasm 
kidney angiomyolipoma +   
kidney lipoma 
nephrogenic adenofibroma 
nephrogenic adenoma +  
nephroma +  
renal adenoma +   
renal oncocytoma +   
Benign oxyphilic adenomas which occur in the kidney. They consist mostly of abnormal epithelial cells that are larger than renal carcinoma cells. [MESH]
renal pelvis benign neoplasm +  
thyroid gland Hurthle cell carcinoma  

Exact Synonyms: oncocytoma of kidney ;   renal epithelial Oncocytic tumor
Primary IDs: MESH:C537750
Alternate IDs: OMIM:553000 ;   RDO:0003644
Xrefs: GARD:8477 ;   NCI:C4526

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