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neuropathy +     
agenesis of the corpus callosum with peripheral neuropathy  
autonomic peripheral neuropathy 
Autosomal Recessive Peripheral Neuropathy with or without Impaired Intellectual Development  
axonal neuropathy +   
brachial plexus neuropathy +   
Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy, and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome  
cranial nerve disease +   
Disorders of one or more of the twelve cranial nerves. With the exception of the optic and olfactory nerves, this includes disorders of the brain stem nuclei from which the cranial nerves originate or terminate.
diabetic neuropathy +   
familial episodic pain syndrome +   
Hereditary Motor Neuropathy with Myopathic Features  
hereditary sensory neuropathy +   
inflammatory and toxic neuropathy +   
ischemic neuropathy 
mononeuropathy +   
motor peripheral neuropathy +   
neuritis +   
neuromuscular disease +   
Neuropathy, with Paraprotein in Serum, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Urine 
sensory peripheral neuropathy  

Exact Synonyms: Cranial Nerve Disorder ;   Cranial Nerve Disorders ;   Cranial Neuropathies ;   Cranial Neuropathy ;   Multiple Cranial Neuropathies ;   Multiple Cranial Neuropathy ;   cranial nerve diseases ;   disorder of cranial nerve ;   nervus cranialis disorder ;   nervus cranialis disorders
Primary IDs: MESH:D003389
Alternate IDs: RDO:0004094
Xrefs: ICD10CM:G52.9 ;   ICD9CM:352.9 ;   NCI:C26733
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO", MESH:D003389

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