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basosquamous carcinoma (DOID:5063)
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carcinoma +     
adamantinoid basal cell epithelioma 
adenocarcinoma +   
adenoid basal cell carcinoma 
adenoid cystic carcinoma +   
adrenal carcinoma  
adrenal medulla carcinoma 
Adult Pancreatic Cancer  
anal carcinoma +   
anal margin basal cell carcinoma 
appendix carcinoma +  
basal cell carcinoma +   
Basal Cell Carcinoma, Nonsyndromic 
basaloid squamous cell carcinoma +  
basosquamous carcinoma 
A skin carcinoma that histologically exhibits both basal and squamous elements. (From Dorland, 27th ed)
Bazex-Dupre-Christol Syndrome 
bile duct carcinoma +   
bladder carcinoma +   
bone carcinoma +  
brain stem angioblastoma 
breast carcinoma +   
breast secretory carcinoma +  
bronchus carcinoma +   
Carcinoma, Krebs 2 
Carcinoma, Lewis Lung  
cecum carcinoma +   
cerebellar angioblastoma  
cervix carcinoma +   
choroid plexus carcinoma  
clear cell basal cell carcinoma 
collecting duct carcinoma  
colon carcinoma +   
colorectal carcinoma +   
Cowper gland carcinoma 
cystic basal cell carcinoma 
Ehrlich tumor carcinoma  
embryonal carcinoma +   
endometrial carcinoma +   
esophageal carcinoma +   
external ear basal cell carcinoma 
external ear carcinoma +  
eye carcinoma +  
fallopian tube carcinoma +   
Familial Pancreatic Carcinoma  
fibroepithelial basal cell carcinoma 
follicular basal cell carcinoma 
gallbladder carcinoma +   
gastrointestinal carcinoma +   
glottis carcinoma +   
granular cell carcinoma 
head and neck carcinoma +   
high grade ependymoma +   
in situ carcinoma +   
infiltrative basal cell carcinoma 
infundibulocystic basal cell carcinoma 
lacrimal gland carcinoma +   
large cell carcinoma +   
laryngeal carcinoma +   
Littre gland carcinoma 
liver carcinoma +   
lung carcinoma +   
lymph node carcinoma +  
lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma 
malignant cystadenoma +   
metatypical basal cell carcinoma 
micronodular basal cell carcinoma 
middle ear carcinoma +  
morpheaform basal cell carcinoma 
Multiple Basal Cell Carcinoma 
myoepithelial carcinoma +   
nasal cavity carcinoma +   
nasopharynx carcinoma +   
neuroendocrine carcinoma +   
nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome +   
nodular basal cell carcinoma +  
NUT midline carcinoma  
ovarian carcinoma +   
ovary epithelial cancer +   
pancreatic carcinoma +   
papillary carcinoma +   
parathyroid carcinoma  
penis basal cell carcinoma 
penis carcinoma +   
peritoneal carcinoma +   
pigmented basal cell carcinoma 
pituitary carcinoma +   
prostate carcinoma +   
renal carcinoma +   
retinal hemangioblastoma 
retroperitoneum carcinoma 
Rombo Syndrome 
salivary gland carcinoma +   
sarcomatoid basal cell carcinoma 
sarcomatoid carcinoma +   
Schneiderian carcinoma 
scrotal carcinoma +  
scrotum basal cell carcinoma 
sebaceous basal cell carcinoma 
sebaceous carcinoma +  
signet ring basal cell carcinoma 
Skene gland carcinoma 
skin carcinoma +   
small cell carcinoma +   
small intestine carcinoma +   
squamous cell carcinoma +   
stomach carcinoma +   
superficial basal cell carcinoma 
thymic carcinoma +   
thyroid gland carcinoma +   
tongue carcinoma  
trachea carcinoma +  
transitional cell carcinoma +   
ureter carcinoma +   
vaginal carcinoma +  
verrucous carcinoma +  
vulva basal cell carcinoma 
vulva carcinoma +   

Exact Synonyms: Basisquamous cell carcinoma ;   Basosquamous Carcinomas ;   Metatypical carcinoma ;   basosquamous cell carcinoma
Primary IDs: MESH:D002281 ;   RDO:0005116
Xrefs: NCI:C2922
Definition Sources: MESH:D002281

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