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rhinitis +     
allergic rhinitis +   
atrophic rhinitis 
A chronic inflammation in which the NASAL MUCOSA gradually changes from a functional to a non-functional lining without mucociliary clearance. It is often accompanied by degradation of the bony TURBINATES, and the foul-smelling mucus which forms a greenish crust (ozena).
chronic rhinitis  
Immotile Cilia Syndrome, due to Excessively Long Cilia 
Rhinosinusitis +   
vasomotor rhinitis 

Exact Synonyms: Atrophic Rhinitides ;   Ozaena ;   Ozena ;   Ozenas ;   dry rhinitis
Related Synonyms: rhinitis sicca
Primary IDs: MESH:D012222 ;   RDO:0006494
Definition Sources: MESH:D012222,,

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