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foramen magnum meningioma (DOID:4708)
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meningioma +     
angiomatous meningioma 
anterior cranial fossa meningioma +  
benign meningioma 
bilateral meningioma of optic nerve 
brain meningioma +  
cavernous sinus meningioma  
childhood meningioma +  
clear cell meningioma +  
clivus meningioma +  
diaphragma sellae meningioma 
ethmoid sinus ectopic meningioma 
familial meningioma +   
fibrous meningioma 
foramen magnum meningioma +  
Gasserian ganglion meningioma 
Hunter-Macdonald Syndrome 
internal auditory canal meningioma 
intracranial meningioma  
intraorbital meningioma 
jugular foramen meningioma 
lung meningioma 
lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma 
malignant leptomeningeal tumor +  
meninges hemangiopericytoma 
meninges sarcoma +   
meningothelial meningioma 
microcystic meningioma 
middle cranial fossa meningioma 
multiple skull base meningioma 
parapharyngeal meningioma 
periocular meningioma 
petroclival meningioma 
petrous apex meningioma 
pineal region meningioma 
pituitary stalk meningioma 
posterior cranial fossa meningioma +  
psammomatous meningioma 
Radiation Induced Meningioma 
rhabdoid meningioma +  
secretory meningioma 
skin meningioma 
skull base meningioma +   
sphenocavernous meningioma 
sphenoorbital meningioma 
spinal canal and spinal cord meningioma +  
spinal meningioma 
suprasellar meningioma 
supratentorial meningioma 
transitional meningioma 

Exact Synonyms: meningioma of the foramen magnum
Primary IDs: RDO:9004619
Xrefs: NCI:C5280

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