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neuropathy +     
agenesis of the corpus callosum with peripheral neuropathy  
arthropathy +   
autoimmune disease of musculoskeletal system +   
autonomic peripheral neuropathy 
Autosomal Recessive Peripheral Neuropathy with or without Impaired Intellectual Development  
axonal neuropathy +   
bone disease +   
brachial plexus neuropathy +   
cartilage disease +   
Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy, and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome  
connective tissue disease +   
cranial nerve disease +   
diabetic neuropathy +   
familial episodic pain syndrome +   
Familial Visceral Neuropathy +   
fasciitis +   
Foot Deformities +   
Foot Diseases +   
Hand Deformities +   
Hereditary Motor Neuropathy with Myopathic Features  
hereditary sensory neuropathy +   
inflammatory and toxic neuropathy +   
ischemic neuropathy 
Jaw Diseases +   
mononeuropathy +   
motor peripheral neuropathy +   
muscular disease +   
Musculoskeletal Abnormalities +   
musculoskeletal system benign neoplasm +   
musculoskeletal system cancer +   
neuritis +   
neuromuscular disease +   
A neuropathy that affect the nerves that control the voluntary muscles. (DO)
Neuropathy, with Paraprotein in Serum, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Urine 
Painful Neuropathy  
sensory peripheral neuropathy  

Exact Synonyms: NEUROMUSCULAR DISORDER ;   neuromuscular diseases
Narrow Synonyms: Amyotonia Congenita ;   Benign Fasciculation-Cramp Syndrome ;   Benign Fasciculation-Cramp Syndromes ;   Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome ;   Cramp-Fasciculation Syndromes ;   Foley Denny Brown Syndrome ;   Oppenheim Disease ;   Oppenheim's Disease ;   Oppenheims Disease
Primary IDs: MESH:D009468
Xrefs: EFO:1001902 ;   ICD10CM:G70.9 ;   ICD9CM:358
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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