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anterior spinal artery syndrome 
Arterial Thrombosis  
basal ganglia cerebrovascular disease +  
brain angioma +  
brain infarction +   
brain ischemia +   
brain small vessel disease +   
carotid artery disease +   
central nervous system vasculitis +   
cerebral cavernous malformation +   
cerebrovascular benign neoplasm +   
Cerebrovascular Trauma +   
coronary thrombosis  
Dysfibrinogenemia Causing Recurrent Thrombosis 
heparin cofactor II deficiency  
intracranial arterial disease +   
intracranial embolism  
Intracranial Embolism and Thrombosis +   
Intracranial Hemorrhages +   
intracranial thrombosis +   
Formation or presence of a blood clot (THROMBUS) in a blood vessel within the SKULL. Intracranial thrombosis can lead to thrombotic occlusions and BRAIN INFARCTION. The majority of the thrombotic occlusions are associated with ATHEROSCLEROSIS.
intracranial vasospasm  
livedoid vasculitis 
occlusion precerebral artery +   
periventricular leukomalacia  
pseudotumor cerebri +  
Sneddon syndrome  
Stroke +   
Susac Syndrome 
vascular dementia +   
Vascular Headaches 
Venous Thrombosis +   

Exact Synonyms: Brain Thromboses ;   Brain Thrombosis ;   Brain Thrombus ;   Cerebral Thromboses ;   Cerebral Thrombosis ;   Cerebral Thrombus ;   Intracranial Thromboses ;   Intracranial Thrombus
Primary IDs: MESH:D020767 ;   RDO:0006581
Xrefs: ICD9CM:434.0
Definition Sources: MESH:D020767

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