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collagen disease +     
rheumatic disease +     
Acute Rheumatism 
Alport syndrome +   
Cardiomyopathy Hypogonadism Collagenoma Syndrome 
chronic rheumatic pericarditis 
disseminated eosinophilic collagen disease 
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome +   
epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica +   
Familial Cutaneous Collagenoma  
Familial Reactive Perforating Collagenosis 
fibromyalgia +   
Keloid +   
Kniest dysplasia  
mixed connective tissue disease  
Necrobiotic Disorders +  
osteoarthritis +   
osteogenesis imperfecta +   
polymyalgia rheumatica  
rheumatic fever +   
rheumatic pulmonary valve disease 
rheumatoid arthritis +   
scleroderma +   
A rheumatic disease that involves the abnormal growth of connective tissue, which supports the skin and internal organs. (DO)
Sternocostoclavicular Hyperostosis 

Exact Synonyms: dermatosclerosis
Xrefs: NCI:C26746
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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