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bone cancer +     
adamantinoma +  
bone carcinoma +  
bone lymphoma 
bone sarcoma +   
chest wall bone cancer 
Ewing sarcoma of bone +   
femoral cancer 
hemangioma of orbit 
high grade glioma +   
hypopharynx cancer +  
jaw cancer +   
long bones of lower limb cancer +  
notochordal cancer +   
orbital cancer +  
A bone cancer that is located_in the area behind the eye and derives_from the orbit or secondarily derives_from an adjacent source (eyelid, paranasal sinus, or intracranial compartment). It results_in the eye pushing forward causing a bulging of the eye called proptosis. (DO)
skull cancer +   
sternum cancer +  

Exact Synonyms: malignant neoplasm of orbit ;   neoplasm of orbit proper ;   orbit cancer ;   orbital tumor
Xrefs: ICD10CM:C69.6 ;   ICD9CM:190.1 ;   NCI:C3290 ;   NCI:C3562
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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