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thymus cancer +     
Adenomyoepithelioma +  
adenomyoma +  
adenosarcoma +  
adenosquamous carcinoma +   
composite lymphoma 
endometrial stromal sarcoma +   
hepatoblastoma +   
Malignant Mixed Tumor 
mesenchymoma +  
Mesodermal Mixed Tumor 
mixed cell type cancer +   
nephroblastoma +   
pleomorphic adenoma +   
pulmonary blastoma +   
rhabdoid cancer +   
thymic carcinoma +   
thymoma +   
A neoplasm originating from thymic tissue, usually benign, and frequently encapsulated. Although it is occasionally invasive, metastases are extremely rare. It consists of any type of thymic epithelial cell as well as lymphocytes that are usually abundant. Malignant lymphomas that involve the thymus, e.g., lymphosarcoma, Hodgkin's disease (previously termed granulomatous thymoma), should not be regarded as thymoma. (From Stedman, 25th ed)
thymus lymphoma