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biliary papillomatosis +  
breast duct papilloma +  
breast papillomatosis +  
cervix squamous papilloma 
choroid plexus papilloma +   
Davenport Donlan Syndrome 
ethmoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
exanthema subitum 
Familial Cutaneous Papillomatosis 
Florid Papillomatosis of Nipple 
focal nonepidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma +   
frontal sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
gallbladder papillomatosis 
herpes simplex +   
Ichthyosis Hystrix Gravior 
intraductal papilloma 
inverted papilloma +   
Laryngeal Papillomatosis  
molluscum contagiosum  
nasal vestibule papilloma 
papillary adenoma +  
Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis  
renal pelvis papillary tumor +  
serous surface papilloma 
skin papilloma +   
Benign epidermal proliferations or tumors; some are viral in origin.
smallpox +   
sphenoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
squamous cell papilloma +   
squamous papillomatosis 
transitional papilloma +  
verrucous papilloma 
vulvar squamous papilloma +  

Exact Synonyms: cutaneous papilloma ;   papilloma of skin ;   verruca ;   verrucas ;   wart ;   warts
Primary IDs: MESH:D014860
Xrefs: NCI:C4614
Definition Sources: MESH:D014860

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