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kidney failure +     
acute kidney failure +   
Abrupt reduction in kidney function. Acute kidney injury encompasses the entire spectrum of the syndrome including acute kidney failure; ACUTE KIDNEY TUBULAR NECROSIS; and other less severe conditions.
ARC syndrome +   
Autosomal Dominant Tubulointerstitial Kidney Disease 4  
Cardio-Renal Syndrome  
chronic kidney disease +   
HUPRA Syndrome  
Lutz Richner Landolt Syndrome 
progressive myoclonus epilepsy 4  
renal coloboma syndrome  
uremia +   
X-linked nephrolithiasis type I  

Exact Synonyms: Acute Kidney Failures ;   Acute Kidney Injuries ;   Acute Kidney Injury ;   Acute Kidney Insufficiencies ;   Acute Kidney Insufficiency ;   Acute Renal Failure ;   Acute Renal Failures ;   Acute Renal Injuries ;   Acute Renal Injury ;   Acute Renal Insufficiencies ;   Acute Renal Insufficiency
Primary IDs: MESH:D058186 ;   RDO:0001702
Definition Sources: MESH:D058186

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