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endometriosis of uterus (DOID:288)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
endometriosis +     
uterine disease +     
adhesions of uterus  
cervix disease +   
cervix endometrial stromal tumor +  
chronic subinvolution of uterus 
endometrial cancer +   
endometrial disease +   
endometrial hyperplasia  
Endometrial Neoplasms +   
endometriosis in scar of skin 
endometriosis of intestine 
endometriosis of ovary 
endometriosis of pelvic peritoneum  
endometriosis of rectovaginal septum and vagina 
endometriosis of uterus  
The extension of endometrial tissue (ENDOMETRIUM) into the MYOMETRIUM. It usually occurs in women in their reproductive years and may result in a diffusely enlarged uterus with ectopic and benign endometrial glands and stroma.
endometritis +   
endometrium carcinoma in situ 
fallopian tube endometriosis 
female infertility of uterine origin 
gonorrhea +  
McKusick-Kaufman syndrome  
mixed endometrial stromal and smooth muscle tumor 
placenta disease +   
polyp of corpus uteri 
Progesterone Resistance  
tamoxifen-related endometrial lesion 
Taylor's syndrome 
Uterine Hemorrhage +   
uterine inflammatory disease 
uterine inversion 
Uterine Neoplasms +   
Uterine Prolapse 
Uterine Retroversion 
Uterine Rupture +  

Exact Synonyms: Adenomyoses ;   adenomyosis ;   endometriosis interna ;   endometriosis of myometrium ;   myometrium endometriosis ;   uterine adenomyosis
Primary IDs: MESH:D062788
Alternate IDs: OMIM:600458 ;   RDO:0012109
Xrefs: ICD10CM:N80.0 ;   ICD9CM:617.0 ;   NCI:C6996
Definition Sources: "DO", MESH:D062788

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