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angiosarcoma +     
liver sarcoma +     
aorta angiosarcoma 
breast angiosarcoma 
Budd-Chiari syndrome +   
central nervous system angiosarcoma 
childhood angiosarcoma 
conventional angiosarcoma 
gallbladder angiosarcoma 
hemangioma of liver 
hepatic infarction 
hepatic osteogenic sarcoma 
hepatic veno-occlusive disease +   
liver angiosarcoma +   
An angiosarcoma and sarcoma of liver and hemangioma of intra-abdominal structure and Ca liver - primary that is located_in the liver. (DO)
liver fibrosarcoma 
liver leiomyosarcoma 
liver rhabdomyosarcoma 
mediastinum angiosarcoma 
nutmeg liver 
ovarian angiosarcoma 
peliosis hepatis  
portal hypertension +   
portal vein thrombosis  
Postmastectomy Angiosarcoma 
prostate angiosarcoma 
Radiation Induced Angiosarcoma of the Breast 
skin angiosarcoma  
spleen angiosarcoma 
Stewart Treves Syndrome 
superior vena cava angiosarcoma 
thyroid angiosarcoma 

Exact Synonyms: angiosarcoma of liver ;   hemangiosarcoma of the liver
Xrefs: GARD:5813 ;   ICD10CM:C22.3 ;   NCI:C4438
Definition Sources: "DO"

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