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choroid plexus papilloma (DOID:2626)
Annotations: Rat: (1) Mouse: (1) Human: (1) Chinchilla: (1) Bonobo: (1) Dog: (1) Squirrel: (1) Pig: (1)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
arteriovenous malformations of the brain +   
benign meningioma 
biliary papillomatosis +  
brain angioma +  
breast duct papilloma +  
breast intraductal papillomatosis 
central nervous system chondroma 
central nervous system hemangioma +   
central nervous system leiomyoma 
central nervous system lipoma +   
cervix squamous papilloma 
choroid plexus cancer +   
choroid plexus carcinoma  
choroid plexus papilloma +   
A usually benign neoplasm that arises from the cuboidal epithelium of the choroid plexus and takes the form of an enlarged CHOROID PLEXUS, which may be associated with oversecretion of CSF. The tumor usually presents in the first decade of life with signs of increased intracranial pressure including HEADACHES; ATAXIA; DIPLOPIA; and alterations of mental status. In children it is most common in the lateral ventricles and in adults it tends to arise in the fourth ventricle. Malignant transformation to choroid plexus carcinomas may rarely occur. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p667; DeVita et al., Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology, 5th ed, p2072)
craniopharyngioma +   
Davenport Donlan Syndrome 
dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor  
ethmoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
Familial Cutaneous Papillomatosis 
Florid Papillomatosis of Nipple 
focal nonepidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma +   
frontal sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
gallbladder papillomatosis 
Ichthyosis Hystrix Gravior 
intraductal papilloma 
inverted papilloma +   
Laryngeal Papillomatosis  
low grade glioma +   
nasal vestibule papilloma 
neurilemmoma of the fifth cranial nerve 
papillary adenoma +  
perineural angioma 
peripheral nervous system benign neoplasm +  
renal pelvis papillary tumor +  
schwannoma of twelfth cranial nerve 
serous surface papilloma 
skin meningioma 
skin papilloma +   
sphenoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
spinal cord dermoid cyst 
squamous cell papilloma +   
squamous papillomatosis 
transitional papilloma +  
verrucous papilloma 
vulvar squamous papilloma +  

Exact Synonyms: CPP ;   childhood choroid plexus papilloma ;   choroid plexus papilloma, no ICD-O subtype ;   choroid plexus papillomas ;   papilloma of choroid plexus ;   papilloma of the choroid plexus ;   pediatric papilloma of choroid plexus
Related Synonyms: childhood papilloma of choroid plexus
Primary IDs: MESH:D020288
Alternate IDs: OMIM:260500
Xrefs: GARD:4214 ;   NCI:C3698 ;   NCI:C5800
Definition Sources: MESH:D020288

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