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West Nile encephalitis (DOID:2365)
Annotations: Rat: (6) Mouse: (6) Human: (6) Chinchilla: (5) Bonobo: (6) Dog: (6) Squirrel: (6) Pig: (6)
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West Nile fever +     
West Nile encephalitis +   
A viral infectious disease that results in inflammation located in brain, has_material_basis_in West Nile virus, which is transmitted_by Culex, Aedes, or Anopheles species of mosquitoes. The infection has_symptom high fever, has_symptom headache, has_symptom neck stiffness, has_symptom stupor, has_symptom disorientation, has_symptom coma, has_symptom tremors, has_symptom convulsions, has_symptom muscle weakness, has_symptom vision loss, has_symptom numbness, and has_symptom paralysis. (DO)

Exact Synonyms: West Nile fever encephalitis ;   West Nile fever with encephalitis
Xrefs: GARD:9959 ;   ICD10CM:A92.31 ;   ICD9CM:066.41
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO"

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