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lymphoma +     
ovarian cancer +     
adult lymphoma 
alpha chain disease 
anus lymphoma 
appendix lymphoma 
B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia +   
bladder lymphoma 
bone lymphoma 
breast lymphoma 
cecum lymphoma 
central nervous system lymphoma +   
cerebral lymphoma 
chest wall lymphoma +  
chronic lymphocytic leukemia +   
colon lymphoma 
composite lymphoma 
dysgerminoma +   
dysgerminoma of ovary +  
esophagus lymphoma 
eye lymphoma +  
Familial Pancreatic Lymphoma 
gallbladder lymphoma 
gastrointestinal lymphoma 
granulosa cell tumor +   
gray zone lymphoma +  
heart lymphoma 
hereditary breast ovarian cancer syndrome  
Hodgkin's lymphoma +   
intraocular lymphoma 
liver lymphoma 
lung lymphoma 
lymphoblastic lymphoma +  
lymphoid leukemia +   
malignant ovarian cyst 
mediastinal malignant lymphoma +  
methotrexate-associated lymphoproliferation 
nasal cavity lymphoma 
non-Hodgkin lymphoma +   
orbit lymphoma 
ovarian clear cell malignant adenofibroma 
ovarian embryonal carcinoma +  
ovarian germ cell cancer +   
ovarian lymphoma 
An ovarian cancer that arises_from lymphocytes. (DO)
ovarian malignant mesothelioma 
ovarian melanoma 
ovarian Wilms' cancer 
ovary epithelial cancer +   
ovary neuroendocrine neoplasm 
ovary sarcoma +  
pancreas lymphoma 
paranasal sinus lymphoma 
pediatric lymphoma +  
Progressive Transformation of Germinal Centers 
prostate lymphoma 
rectum lymphoma 
retroperitoneal lymphoma 
small intestine lymphoma 
sternum lymphoma 
testicular lymphoma 
thymus lymphoma 
thyroid lymphoma 
tracheal lymphoma 
ureteral lymphoma 

Xrefs: NCI:C40021
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