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thalamic disease +     
hypothalamic disease +   
Neoplastic, inflammatory, infectious, and other diseases of the hypothalamus. Clinical manifestations include appetite disorders; AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; SLEEP DISORDERS; behavioral symptoms related to dysfunction of the LIMBIC SYSTEM; and neuroendocrine disorders.
Thalamic Degeneration Symmetrical Infantile 

Exact Synonyms: Hypothalamic Dysfunction Syndrome ;   Hypothalamic Dysfunction Syndromes ;   Hypothalamic Dysinhibition Syndrome ;   Hypothalamic Dysinhibition Syndromes ;   Hypothalamic Neurohypophyseal Disorders ;   Hypothalamic Overactivity Syndrome ;   Hypothalamic Overactivity Syndromes ;   Hypothalamic Pseudopuberties ;   Hypothalamic Pseudopuberty ;   Hypothalamic-Adenohypophyseal Disorder ;   Hypothalamic-Neurohypophyseal Disorder ;   hypothalamic adenohypophyseal disorders ;   hypothalamic diseases ;   pituitary diencephalic syndrome ;   pituitary diencephalic syndromes
Primary IDs: MESH:D007027

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