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Inflammation +     
neuropathy +     
Accessory Deep Peroneal Nerve 
Acute-Phase Reaction  
agenesis of the corpus callosum with peripheral neuropathy  
Amyloid Neuropathies +   
Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Neuropathy  
autoimmune disease of peripheral nervous system +   
Autoinflammation with Arthritis and Dyskeratosis  
autonomic nervous system disease +   
autonomic peripheral neuropathy 
Autosomal Recessive Peripheral Neuropathy with or without Impaired Intellectual Development  
axonal neuropathy +   
brachial plexus neuropathy +   
bronchitis +   
Cataract Ataxia Deafness 
Cauda equina syndrome 
Cerebellar Ataxia, Neuropathy, and Vestibular Areflexia Syndrome  
complex regional pain syndrome +  
Congenital Myopathy with Neuropathy and Deafness  
Congenital Pain Insensitivity +   
cranial nerve disease +   
dermatitis +   
diabetic neuropathy +   
encephalitis +   
encephalomyelitis +   
familial Behcet-like autoinflammatory syndrome  
familial episodic pain syndrome +   
fasciitis +   
Foreign-Body Reaction +   
Gamstorp-Wohlfart syndrome  
gastroenteritis +   
Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome 
Harel-Yoon Syndrome  
Hereditary Autoinflammatory Diseases +   
Hereditary Motor Neuropathy with Myopathic Features  
hereditary sensory neuropathy +   
Hypertrophic Neuropathy and Cataract 
immunodeficiency 71  
Immunodeficiency 82  
inflammatory and toxic neuropathy +   
Inherited Peripheral Neuropathy +   
Intellectual Developmental Disorder with Speech Delay and Axonal Peripheral Neuropathy  
ischemic neuropathy 
laryngitis +  
leprosy +   
lumbosacral plexus lesion 
meningitis +   
mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome 6  
mononeuropathy +   
motor peripheral neuropathy +   
myelitis +   
nephritis +   
nerve compression syndrome +   
Neuralgia +   
neuritis +   
A general term indicating inflammation of a peripheral or cranial nerve. Clinical manifestation may include PAIN; PARESTHESIAS; PARESIS; or HYPESTHESIA.
Neurogenic Inflammation  
neuromuscular disease +   
neuropathy +   
Neuropathy, with Paraprotein in Serum, Cerebrospinal Fluid and Urine 
Optic Atrophy, Hearing Loss, and Peripheral Neuropathy, Autosomal Dominant 
osteomyelitis +   
Otitis +   
Painful Neuropathy  
pancreatitis +   
periostitis +   
Peripheral Nerve Injuries  
peripheral nervous system neoplasm +   
Peripheral Neuropathy, Ataxia, Focal Necrotizing Encephalopathy, and Spongy Degeneration of Brain 
Peripheral Neuropathy, Myopathy, Hoarseness, and Hearing Loss  
pharyngitis +   
pneumonia +   
polyneuropathy +   
radiculopathy +   
Rasmussen Subacute Encephalitis 
rheumatic disease +   
rhinitis +   
Sacral Plexopathy 
sensory peripheral neuropathy  
sinusitis +   
Small Fiber Neuropathy  
Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Rigidity and Peripheral Neuropathy 
spondylitis +   
Suppuration +   
Supraglottitis +  
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome +   
systemic lupus erythematosus +   
Tarlov Cysts 
thyroiditis +   
vesiculitis +  

Exact Synonyms: Peripheral Neuritides ;   Peripheral Neuritis ;   Polyneuritides ;   Polyneuritis ;   Sensory Neuritides ;   neuritides ;   sensory neuritis
Primary IDs: MESH:D009443
Alternate IDs: RDO:0006205
Xrefs: NCI:C116381
Definition Sources: MESH:D009443

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