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anterior uveitis +     
iris disease +     
Acute Anterior Uveitis +   
aniridia +   
Behcet's disease +   
ciliary body disease +  
De Hauwere Leroy Adriaenssens syndrome 
EDICT Syndrome  
exfoliation syndrome  
Heterochromia Iridis  
Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome +  
iridocyclitis +   
iridogoniodysgenesis syndrome +   
Iris Hypoplasia and Glaucoma 
Iris Neoplasms +  
Inflammation of the iris characterized by circumcorneal injection, aqueous flare, keratotic precipitates, and constricted and sluggish pupil along with discoloration of the iris.
Uveitis, Chronic Anterior  

Exact Synonyms: Iritides
Primary IDs: MESH:D007500 ;   RDO:0005907
Xrefs: NCI:C50621
Definition Sources: MESH:D007500

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