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bladder disease +     
bladder calculus +   
bladder diverticulum +   
bladder exstrophy  
bladder neck obstruction  
Blocked urine flow through the bladder neck, the narrow internal urethral opening at the base of the URINARY BLADDER. Narrowing or strictures of the URETHRA can be congenital or acquired. It is often observed in males with enlarged PROSTATE glands.
bladder tuberculosis 
Cervical Ribs, Sprengel Anomaly, Anal Atresia, Urethral Obstruction 
Congenital Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction  
congenital megabladder  
cystinuria +   
cystitis +   
Cystocele +  
detrusor sphincter dyssynergia 
Diabetic Cystopathy  
female stress incontinence  
hydronephrosis +   
Kashani Strom Utley Syndrome 
low compliance bladder 
neurogenic bladder +   
Overactive Urinary Bladder  
Panic Disorder with Bladder Conditions 
pelvic lipomatosis 
Selig Benacerraf Greene Syndrome 
ureteral obstruction +   
ureteropelvic junction obstruction 
urethral obstruction +   
Urethral Obstruction Sequence 
urethral stricture +  
Urinary Bladder Fistula +  
Urinary Bladder Neoplasm +   
Urinary Bladder Reperfusion Injury  
urinary schistosomiasis  
vesicoureteral reflux +   

Exact Synonyms: Bladder Outlet Obstruction ;   Obstruction of bladder neck or vesicourethral orifice ;   urinary bladder neck obstruction
Primary IDs: MESH:D001748
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005014
Xrefs: ICD10CM:N32.0 ;   ICD9CM:596.0 ;   NCI:C79541
Definition Sources: MESH:D001748

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