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endometriosis +     
uterine cancer +     
cervical cancer +   
endometrial cancer +   
A uterine cancer that is located_in tissues lining the uterus. (DO)
endometrial stromal tumor +   
endometriosis in scar of skin 
endometriosis of intestine 
endometriosis of ovary 
endometriosis of pelvic peritoneum  
endometriosis of rectovaginal septum and vagina 
endometriosis of uterus  
endometrium carcinoma in situ 
fallopian tube endometriosis 
placenta cancer +   
uterine adnexa cancer +  
uterine corpus cancer +   
uterine ligament cancer +  
uterus carcinoma in situ +   

Exact Synonyms: Cancer of the Endometrium ;   Endometrial Cancers ;   cancer of endometrium ;   endometrial Ca ;   endometrial neoplasm ;   endometrium cancer ;   endometrium cancers ;   malignant endometrial neoplasm ;   malignant neoplasm of endometrium ;   neoplasm of endometrium ;   primary malignant neoplasm of endometrium ;   tumor of endometrium
Narrow Synonyms: endometrial cancer, somatic
Primary IDs: OMIM:608089
Alternate IDs: RDO:9002559
Xrefs: GARD:11981 ;   ICD10CM:C54.1 ;   NCI:C27815 ;   NCI:C3012
Definition Sources: "DO"

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