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premature ejaculation (DOID:13709)
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ego-dystonic sexual orientation 
Gender Dysphoria 
gender incongruence 
hypoactive sexual desire disorder 
impotence +   
paraphilia disorder +  
premature ejaculation 
The emission of SEMEN and seminal fluid during the act of preparation for sexual intercourse, i.e. before there is penetration, or shortly after penetration.
psychologic dyspareunia 
psychologic vaginismus 
psychosexual disorder +  
Sexual and Gender Disorders 
sexual dysfunction +   
sexual masochism 
sexual sadism 

Exact Synonyms: Ejaculatio Praecox ;   Ejaculatio Praecoxs ;   Premature Ejaculations
Primary IDs: MESH:D061686 ;   RDO:0012099
Xrefs: ICD10CM:F52.4 ;   ICD9CM:302.75 ;   NCI:C94349
Definition Sources: MESH:D061686

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