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purulent labyrinthitis (DOID:13534)
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acute infection of pinna 
Bacteremia +   
Bacterial Endocarditis +  
bacterial esophagitis 
bacterial exanthem 
Bacterial Eye Infections +   
bacterial gastritis  
Bacterial Lung Diseases +   
bacterial sepsis +   
Bacterial Skin Diseases +   
bacterial vaginosis  
Bacterial Zoonoses 
beach ear 
Central Nervous System Bacterial Infections +   
commensal bacterial infectious disease +   
focal labyrinthitis 
Fournier Gangrene 
Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections +   
Gram-Positive Bacterial Infections +   
immunodeficiency 33  
Immunodeficiency 67  
Immunodeficiency 68  
malignant otitis externa 
opportunistic bacterial infectious disease +   
perichondritis of auricle +  
primary bacterial infectious disease +   
purulent labyrinthitis 
A labyrinthitis which is a bacterial infectious disease of the inner ear, often causing deafness and loss of vestibular function. This is caused when bacteria spread to the inner ear during the course of severe acute otitis media, purulent meningitis, or an enlarging cholesteatoma. (DO)
rheumatic myocarditis  
serous labyrinthitis 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases +   
Spirochaetales Infections +   
suppurative lymphadenitis 
toxic labyrinthitis 
urinary tract infection +   
viral labyrinthitis 

Exact Synonyms: bacterial labyrinthitis ;   suppurative labyrinthitis
Related Synonyms: acute suppurative labyrinthitis
Xrefs: ICD9CM:386.33
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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