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acute disseminated encephalomyelitis +   
adult T-cell leukemia  
African Horse Sickness 
Arbovirus Encephalitis +   
Arbovirus Infections +   
Argentine hemorrhagic fever 
Barmah Forest virus disease 
Bolivian hemorrhagic fever 
Brazilian hemorrhagic fever 
Central Nervous System Viral Diseases +   
Chapare hemorrhagic fever 
chronic fatigue syndrome  
common wart  
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever  
dengue disease +   
DNA Virus Infections +   
Ebola hemorrhagic fever  
Equine Encephalomyelitis +  
focal epithelial hyperplasia 
hand, foot and mouth disease  
Hantavirus hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome +   
Hantavirus Infections +   
hepatitis A  
hepatitis D +  
Hepatitis, Infectious Canine 
immunodeficiency 31B  
Interferon Gamma, Receptor 1, Deficiency  
Kyasanur forest disease +  
La Crosse encephalitis 
Lassa fever  
lujo hemorrhagic fever 
Marburg hemorrhagic fever 
Nairobi Sheep Disease 
O'nyong'nyong fever 
Omsk hemorrhagic fever 
Opportunistic Infections +   
Oropouche fever  
Phlebotomus fever 
plantar wart 
respiratory syncytial virus infectious disease  
Rift Valley fever  
An acute infection caused by the RIFT VALLEY FEVER VIRUS, an RNA arthropod-borne virus, affecting domestic animals and humans. In animals, symptoms include HEPATITIS; abortion (ABORTION, VETERINARY); and DEATH. In humans, symptoms range from those of a flu-like disease to hemorrhagic fever, ENCEPHALITIS, or BLINDNESS.
RNA Virus Infections +   
Ross River fever 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases +   
Slow Virus Diseases +   
subacute sclerosing panencephalitis +   
Tick-Borne Diseases +   
Tumor Virus Infections +   
Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever 
Viral Bronchiolitis  
viral esophagitis 
viral exanthem +   
Viral Eye Infections +   
viral gastritis +  
viral hepatitis +   
viral labyrinthitis 
viral laryngitis 
Viral Myocarditis  
viral pneumonia  
Viral Skin Diseases +   
Viremia +   
Whitewater Arroyo hemorrhagic fever 
yellow fever  
Zika fever +   
Zoonoses +