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oculoglandular tularemia (DOID:13226)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
Eye Infections +     
tularemia +     
Bacterial Eye Infections +   
CLAPO Syndrome  
corneal ulcer +   
endophthalmitis +   
filariasis +   
Fungal Eye Infections +   
gastrointestinal tularemia 
glandular tularemia 
Hennekam syndrome +   
histiocytosis +   
lymph node disease +   
Lymphangiectasis +   
Lymphatic Abnormalities +   
Lymphatic Metastasis  
lymphatic system cancer +   
lymphedema +   
lymphocele +  
lymphoproliferative syndrome +   
Nodular Lymphocytic Vasculitis 
oculoglandular tularemia 
A tularemia that results_in inflammation of eye and swelling of lymph glands in front of the ear. (DO)
Parasitic Eye Infections +   
pneumonic tularemia 
splenic disease +   
thymus gland disease +   
Thymus Hyperplasia  
Thymus Neoplasms +   
typhoidal tularemia 
ulceroglandular tularemia 
Viral Eye Infections +   

Primary IDs: RDO:9002455
Xrefs: ICD10CM:A21.1 ;   ICD9CM:021.3
Definition Sources: "DO"

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