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accessory nerve disease +  
Cranial Nerve Injuries +   
cranial nerve neoplasm +   
cranial nerve palsy +  
Cranial Nerves, Congenital Paresis of 
Cranial Nerves, Recurrent Paresis of 
facial nerve disease +   
glossopharyngeal motor neuropathy 
glossopharyngeal nerve disease +   
Glossopharyngeal Nerve Injuries 
glossopharyngeal nerve paralysis 
glossopharyngeal neuralgia 
hypoglossal nerve disease +   
jaw-winking syndrome 
multiple cranial nerve palsy 
ocular motility disease +   
olfactory nerve disease +   
Ophthalmoplegic Migraine 
optic nerve disease +   
third cranial nerve disease +   
trigeminal nerve disease +   
trochlear nerve disease +  
Vagus nerve disease +   
Diseases of the tenth cranial nerve, including brain stem lesions involving its nuclei (solitary, ambiguus, and dorsal motor), nerve fascicles, and intracranial and extracranial course. Clinical manifestations may include dysphagia, vocal cord weakness, and alterations of parasympathetic tone in the thorax and abdomen.
vestibulocochlear nerve disease +   

Exact Synonyms: Cranial Nerve X Diseases ;   Pneumogastric Nerve Disorder ;   Pneumogastric Nerve Disorders ;   Tenth Cranial Nerve Diseases ;   Vagus Nerve Disorder ;   Vagus Nerve Disorders ;   Vagus Nerve Motor Disorder ;   Vagus Nerve Sensory Disorder ;   Vagus Neuropathies ;   Vagus Neuropathy ;   Vagus nerve diseases ;   disorder of pneumogastric [10th] nerve ;   disorder of vagal nerve ;   disorder of vagus nerve
Primary IDs: MESH:D020421 ;   RDO:0006815
Xrefs: ICD10CM:G52.2 ;   ICD9CM:352.3 ;   NCI:C27591
Definition Sources: MESH:D020421

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