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schwannoma of ureter (DOID:11888)
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acoustic neuroma +   
benign neurilemmoma +  
cellular schwannoma 
macrocystic neurilemmoma 
malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor +   
mediastinal neurilemmoma +  
melanotic neurilemmoma +  
neurilemmoma of the fifth cranial nerve 
neurilemmoma of the pleura 
peripheral nerve schwannoma +   
plexiform schwannoma 
schwannoma of jugular foramen 
schwannoma of twelfth cranial nerve 
schwannoma of ureter 
sympathetic neurilemmoma 
ureter leiomyoma 
ureter urothelial papilloma +  

Exact Synonyms: ureteral schwannoma
Xrefs: NCI:C6162

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