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gingival disease +     
Alveolar Bone Loss  
Amyloidosis of Gingiva and Conjunctiva, with Mental Retardation 
Focal Palmoplantar and Gingival Keratosis 
Giant Cell Granuloma +   
Gingival Hemorrhage +  
Gingival Neoplasms 
gingival overgrowth +   
gingival recession 
Exposure of the root surface when the edge of the gum (GINGIVA) moves apically away from the crown of the tooth. This is common with advancing age, vigorous tooth brushing, diseases, or tissue loss of the gingiva, the PERIODONTAL LIGAMENT and the supporting bone (ALVEOLAR PROCESS).
gingivitis +   
Periodontal Attachment Loss 

Exact Synonyms: Atrophy of Gingiva ;   Gingiva Atrophies ;   Gingiva Atrophy ;   Gingival Atrophies ;   Gingival Atrophy ;   Gingival Recessions ;   localized gingival recession ;   minimal gingival recession ;   moderate gingival recession ;   severe gingival recession
Primary IDs: MESH:D005889 ;   RDO:0005671
Xrefs: ICD10CM:K06.0 ;   ICD10CM:K06.01 ;   ICD10CM:K06.010 ;   ICD9CM:523.2 ;   ICD9CM:523.24 ;   NCI:C82068
Definition Sources: MESH:D005889

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