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esophageal disease +     
vein disease +     
Banti's Syndrome  
Barrett's esophagus +   
Cavernous Transformation of Portal Vein 
Deglutition Disorders +   
dyskinesia of esophagus +   
esophageal atresia +   
esophageal candidiasis 
Esophageal Cyst 
esophageal diverticulosis 
Esophageal Fistula +   
esophageal leukoplakia 
Esophageal Neoplasms +   
Esophageal Perforation +  
Esophageal Stenosis  
esophageal tuberculosis 
esophageal varix  
Dilated blood vessels in the ESOPHAGUS or GASTRIC FUNDUS that shunt blood from the portal circulation (PORTAL SYSTEM) to the systemic venous circulation. Often they are observed in individuals with portal hypertension (HYPERTENSION, PORTAL).
esophagitis +   
multiple cutaneous and mucosal venous malformations  
Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension 1  
Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension 2  
phlebitis +   
pulmonary vein leiomyosarcoma 
retinal vein occlusion +   
superior vena cava angiosarcoma 
superior vena cava leiomyosarcoma 
varicose veins +   
venous insufficiency +   
Venous Thrombosis +   

Exact Synonyms: Bleeding esophageal varices ;   Bleeding oesophageal varices ;   Esophageal Varices ;   Esophageal and Gastric Varices ;   Gastric Varices ;   Gastric Varix ;   esophageal varices in disease classified elsewhere, with bleeding ;   esophageal varices with bleeding ;   esophageal varices with bleeding in disease EC ;   esophageal varices without bleeding ;   esophageal varices without mention of bleeding
Primary IDs: MESH:D004932 ;   RDO:0005536
Xrefs: EFO:0009545 ;   GARD:6384 ;   ICD10CM:I85.01 ;   ICD9CM:456.0 ;   ICD9CM:456.2 ;   ICD9CM:456.20 ;   NCI:C78282
Definition Sources: MESH:D004932

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