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Asphyxia +     
actinomycosis +  
Amniotic Band Syndrome +  
asphyxia neonatorum +   
A respiratory system disease that is characterized by deprivation of oxygen to a newborn infant that lasts long enough during the birth process to cause physical harm, usually to the brain. (DO)
autosomal recessive cutis laxa type IC  
benign neonatal seizures +   
Birth Injuries +   
bronchial disease +   
Caffey disease +   
Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase II Deficiency, Lethal Neonatal  
Ciliary Motility Disorders +   
Congenital Hyperinsulinism +   
congenital nystagmus +   
congenital syphilis +  
congenital toxoplasmosis 
Cutis Laxa-Marfanoid Syndrome 
cystic fibrosis +   
fetal erythroblastosis +   
hydrophthalmos +   
Hyperglycinemia, Transient Neonatal 
Hyperparathyroidism, Neonatal Severe Primary  
ichthyosis +   
Infantile Hypercalcemia +   
influenza +   
lower respiratory tract disease +   
lung disease +   
meconium aspiration syndrome  
Meconium Ileus  
Mobius syndrome +   
neonatal abstinence syndrome 
Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia  
neonatal anemia +   
neonatal diabetes +   
Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia +   
Neonatal Hypoglycemia, Simulating Foetopathia Diabetica 
Neonatal Inflammatory Skin and Bowel Disease +   
Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension  
Neonatal Sepsis  
ophthalmia neonatorum 
Perinatal Asphyxia  
persistent fetal circulation syndrome  
pleural disease +   
Posttransfusion Purpura  
Premature Infant Diseases +   
Respiration Disorders +   
respiratory allergy +   
Respiratory System Abnormalities +   
Respiratory Tract Fistula +   
Respiratory Tract Granuloma +   
Respiratory Tract Infections +   
Respiratory Tract Neoplasms +   
Rothmund-Thomson syndrome +   
Sclerema Neonatorum 
severe combined immunodeficiency +   
Siegler Brewer Carey Syndrome 
thanatophoric dysplasia +   
thoracic disease +   
tracheal disease +   
transient neonatal thrombocytopenia 
umbilical hernia +   
upper respiratory tract disease +   
vitamin K deficiency bleeding  
Wolman disease +   

Exact Synonyms: asphyxia in liveborn infant ;   birth asphyxia ;   postnatal asphyxia
Primary IDs: MESH:D001238
Xrefs: GARD:5857 ;   ICD10CM:P84 ;   ICD9CM:768.9
Definition Sources: "DO"

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