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intestinal pseudo-obstruction (DOID:0080072)
Annotations: Rat: (23) Mouse: (25) Human: (28) Chinchilla: (19) Bonobo: (19) Dog: (18) Squirrel: (19) Pig: (18)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
colonic disease +     
ileus +     
alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase deficiency  
autoimmune disease of the nervous system +   
autonomic nervous system disease +   
cavernous hemangioma of colon 
central nervous system disease +   
Chilaiditi Syndrome 
Chronobiology Disorders +   
colitis +   
colon leiomyoma 
Colonic Diverticulosis +   
Colorectal Neoplasms +   
Congenital Cataracts, Facial Dysmorphism, and Neuropathy  
congenital nervous system abnormality +   
diplegia of upper limb 
diverticulitis of colon  
functional colonic disease +   
functional diarrhea 
Gerstmann syndrome 
herpes zoster +   
Infantile Multisystem Neurologic Disease with Osseous Fragility 
Infantile-Onset Multisystem Neurologic, Endocrine, and Pancreatic Disease 1  
Infantile-Onset Multisystem Neurologic, Endocrine, and Pancreatic Disease 2  
intestinal pseudo-obstruction +   
A colonic disease that is characterized by bowel obstruction resulting from impairment of the muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract. (DO)
Meconium Ileus  
megacolon +   
Nerve Injuries +   
Nervous System Malformations +   
Nervous System Neoplasms +   
Nervous System Trauma +   
Neurocutaneous Syndromes +   
neurodegenerative disease +   
Neurologic Manifestations +   
Norrie disease  
paralytic ileus 
peripheral nervous system disease +   
Polyglucosan Body Disease, Adult Form  
Roy Maroteaux Kremp Syndrome 
sensory system disease +   
sigmoid disease +   
Tang Hsi Ryu Syndrome 
toxic encephalopathy +   

Exact Synonyms: CONGENITAL SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME 1 ;   CSBS ;   Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction ;   Chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction ;   Congenital Short Bowel Syndrome ;   Enteric Neuropathy ;   Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction ;   Intestinal Pseudoobstruction ;   Intestinal Pseudoobstructions ;   Intestinal pseudoobstruction due to neuronal disease ;   Neuronal Intestinal Pseudoobstruction ;   Pseudointestinal Obstruction Syndrome ;   Pseudoobstruction, chronic idiopathic intestinal, neuronal type ;   chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction ;   deficiency of argyrophil myenteric plexus ;   familial visceral neuropathy, autosomal recessive ;   idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstructions ;   intestinal pseudo-obstructions ;   intestine pseudoobstruction ;   neuronal intestinal dysplasia ;   pseudo-obstruction of intestine ;   pseudoobstructive syndrome ;   visceral myopathies ;   visceral myopathy
Narrow Synonyms: Congenital Short Bowel Syndrome, X-Linked
Primary IDs: MESH:D007418
Alternate IDs: DOID:3878 ;   MESH:C537394 ;   OMIM:615237
Xrefs: GARD:12744 ;   GARD:6789 ;   NCI:C34733 ;   ORDO:2978
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO", "DO" "DO"

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