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rippling muscle disease 1 (DOID:0070308)
Annotations: Rat: (1) Mouse: (1) Human: (1) Chinchilla: (1) Bonobo: (1) Dog: (1) Squirrel: (1) Pig: (1)
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3-Methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase deficiency +   
atrophic muscular disease +   
cysticercosis +  
distal arthrogryposis +   
epidemic pleurodynia 
gas gangrene 
malignant hyperthermia +   
Muscle Tissue Neoplasms +   
myopathy +   
myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy  
rippling muscle disease 1  
A muscle tissue disease characterized by electrically silent contractions of the skeletal muscles in response to mechanical stimuli. It has_material_basis in mutation in the gene localized to 1q41 at the distal end of the long arm of chromosome 1, has_symptom characteristic lateral rolling movement of muscle, has_symptom muscle cramps, has_symptom muscle pain, has_symptom muscle stiffness during or following exercise. (DO)
sinoatrial node disease +   
toxocariasis +   

Exact Synonyms: RMD1
Primary IDs: MESH:C535686
Alternate IDs: OMIM:600332
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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