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primary hypomagnesemia (DOID:0060879)
Annotations: Rat: (7) Mouse: (7) Human: (8) Chinchilla: (7) Bonobo: (6) Dog: (7) Squirrel: (7) Pig: (7)
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acquired night blindness 
acrodermatitis enteropathica  
autosomal dominant hypocalcemia +   
Avitaminosis +   
biotin deficiency 
copper deficiency myelopathy 
endemic goiter 
Familial Hypophosphatemia +   
familial periodic paralysis +   
folic acid deficiency anemia +   
hemochromatosis +   
hypermanganesemia with dystonia +   
Hyperzincemia and Hypercalprotectinemia 
Hyperzincemia with Functional Zinc Depletion 
hypophosphatasia +   
Idiopathic Copper Toxicosis 
iron deficiency anemia +   
Keshan disease  
Menkes disease +   
molybdenum cofactor deficiency +   
occipital horn syndrome  
pernicious anemia +   
Potassium Deficiency  
primary hypomagnesemia +   
A metal metabolism disorder characterized by very low serum magnesium levels often with secondary hypocalcemia with onset typically in the first months of life. (DO)
Protein Deficiency +   
protein-energy malnutrition +   
pseudohypoparathyroidism +   
pyridoxine deficiency anemia  
riboflavin deficiency  
Wilson disease +   
Zinc Deficiency +   
Zinc, Elevated Plasma 

Exact Synonyms: HOMG ;   familial hypomagnesemia with hypercalciuria and nephrocalcinosis ;   magnesium deficiencies ;   magnesium deficiency ;   primary familial hypomagnesemia
Narrow Synonyms: HYPOMAGNESEMIA, FAMILIAL, WITH HYPERCALCIURIA AND NEPHROCALCINOSIS HYPERCALCIURIA, CHILDHOOD, SELF-LIMITING ;   defect in renal tubular transport of magnesium ;   isolated renal hypomagnesemia ;   primary hypomagnesemia due to defect in renal tubular transport of magnesium
Broad Synonyms: hypomagnesemia
Primary IDs: MESH:D008275
Alternate IDs: MESH:C537153
Xrefs: OMIM:PS602014 ;   ORDO:34526
Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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