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Trichomonas vaginalis trichomoniasis (DOID:0050269)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cervix disease +     
trichomoniasis +    
urethral disease +     
vaginitis +     
vulvar disease +     
atrophic vulva 
bacterial vaginosis  
cervical incompetence 
cervical polyp 
cervicitis +   
cervix endometriosis 
cervix erosion 
Epispadias +   
fibroepithelial polyp of urethra 
gonorrhea +  
hypertrophic elongation of cervix 
Penoscrotal Transposition 
postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis 
prolapse of urethra 
Pruritus Vulvae 
Trichomonas tenax trichomoniasis 
Trichomonas vaginalis trichomoniasis 
A trichomoniasis that involves infection of the urogenital tract, has_material_basis_in Trichomonas vaginalis, which is transmitted through sexual contact. Symptoms include inflammation of the cervix, urethra and vagina which produce an itching or burning sensation, and yellow-green, itchy, frothy foul-smelling vaginal discharge. (DO)
ulceration of vulva 
urethral calculus 
urethral diverticulum 
urethral false passage 
urethral gland abscess 
urethral intrinsic sphincter deficiency 
Urethral Neoplasms +   
urethral obstruction +   
urethral syndrome 
Uterine Cervical Dysplasia +   
Uterine Cervical Neoplasms +   
uterine cervix leukoplakia 
vulva fibroepithelial polyp 
vulvar dystrophy 
Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus  
Vulvar Neoplasms +   
vulvitis +   
vulvovaginitis +   

Exact Synonyms: Trichomonas Vaginitides ;   Trichomonas vaginitis ;   urogenital trichomonas
Primary IDs: MESH:D014247
Xrefs: ICD10CM:A59.00 ;   NCI:C35083
Definition Sources: "DO"

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