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drug allergy +     
abacavir allergy  
alcuronium bromide allergy 
amodiaquine allergy 
aspirin allergy 
aspirin-induced respiratory disease +   
beta-lactam allergy +  
carbamazepine allergy 
carbapenem allergy 
cephalosporin allergy +  
A drug allergy that has_allergic_trigger cephalosporin. (DO)
chlorhexidine allergy 
co-trimoxazole allergy 
corticosteroid allergy 
cyclophosphamide allergy 
D-mannitol allergy 
diclofenac allergy 
disodium cromoglycate allergy 
Drug Eruptions +   
gallamine allergy 
isoniazide allergy 
ketoprofen photoallergic dermatitis 
lidocaine allergy 
melphalan allergy 
mepivacaine allergy 
neomycin sulfate allergic contact dermatitis 
oxirane allergy 
patent blue V allergy 
phenobarbital allergy 
phenytoin allergy 
phthalyl group allergy 
quinidine allergy 
ranitidine allergy 
rocuronium allergy 
sodium aurothiomalate allergy 
succinylcholine allergy 
sulfamethoxazole allergy 
sulfasalazine allergy 
sulfonamide allergy 
suprofen allergy 
thiopental allergy 
thiopurine S-methyltransferase deficiency +   
trimethoprim allergy 
tubocurarine allergy 

Definition Sources: "DO" "DO"

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