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airway reactivity measurement +  
brain measurement +   
ear measurement +  
end-tidal partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PETCO2) 
eye measurement +  
female reproductive organ measurement +   
forced expiratory volume 
forced expiratory volume to forced vital capacity ratio 
forced vital capacity (FVC) 
heart measurement +   
intestine measurement +  
kidney measurement +   
liver measurement +   
lung measurement +  
Any measurement, morphological or physiological, involving the lung or any part thereof. The lungs comprise the organ component of the respiratory system responsible for the exchange of gases between the environment and the blood.
lymph node measurement +  
maximal carbon dioxide production (VCO2) 
maximum inspiratory flow (PIF) 
maximum mid-expiratory flow (MMEF) 
nose measurement +  
organ effluent measurement +  
organ lesion measurement +   
organ morphological measurement +   
oxygen consumption +   
pancreas measurement +   
pituitary gland measurement +   
spleen measurement +   
stomach measurement +   
thymus measurement +   
thyroid gland measurement +  
tongue measurement +   
trachea morphological measurement +  
urinary bladder measurement +  
ventilation measurement +   

Definition Sources: Mosby:Mosbys_Dental_Dictionary--2nd_Ed

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