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blood apolipoprotein level +  
blood chylomicron level +  
blood lipoprotein cholesterol level +   
blood lipoprotein phospholipid level +   
Measurement of the amount of phospholipid, any of various phosphorus-containing lipids that are composed mainly of fatty acids, a phosphate group, and a simple organic molecule such as glycerol, carried in lipoprotein molecules in a specified volume of blood. Lipoprotein particles are complex molecules that consist of a protein membrane surrounding a core of lipids.
blood lipoprotein triglyceride level +   
blood oxidized LDL level +  
blood total cholesterol level +   
calculated blood lipoprotein level +  

Definition Sources: Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed, Gale:Gale_Encyclopedia_of_Medicine_2008, "Website" "Website", ISBN:978-1416049982

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