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superovulation/artificial insemination measurement (CMO:0002524)
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age of puberty 
copulation duration 
egg measurement, fowl +  
ejaculation measurement +  
female reproductive organ measurement +   
fertilization measurement +  
gestation period length 
maternal age at birth of first offspring 
maternal age at birth of last offspring 
maternal age at first egg production 
offspring measurement +   
semen measurement +  
sperm measurement +  
superovulation/artificial insemination measurement +  
Any measurement having to do with the artificial stimulation of ovulation, that is, the planned production of a greater than normal number of ova in an individual female during a single ovulation period, and/or the introduction of sperm into the female reproductive tract through means other than normal sexual intercourse.
time interval between offspring 

Related Synonyms: SO/AI measurement ;   ovarian hyperstimulation/artificial insemination measurement
Definition Sources: "Wikipedia" "Wikipedia", Saunders:Saunders_Comprehensive_Veterinary_Dictionary--3rd_Ed

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