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calculated liver tumorous lesion number +   
A measure of the number of tumorous lesions in or on the surface of the liver, or in a specified section of the liver when that number has been normalized, adjusted or derived by a mathematical process or computation. A tumorous lesion is one which is or has the potential to become a tumor, that is, a neoplasm or new growth of tissue in which cell multiplication is more or less uncontrolled and progressive. Tumorous lesions include tumors, preneoplastic lesions, and hyperplastic lesions composed of histologically normal cells.
calculated liver tumorous lesion volume measurement +   
liver nonremodeling tumorous lesion number  
liver remodeling tumorous lesion number +   
liver tumor MRI signal intensity to paravertebral muscle MRI signal intensity ratio +  
liver tumor number +  
liver tumorous lesion iron weight to liver tumorous lesion weight ratio +  
ratio of apoptotic bodies to intact tumor cells in nonremodelling liver tumorous lesions 
ratio of apoptotic bodies to intact tumor cells in remodelling liver tumorous lesions 
ratio of proliferating cell nuclear antigen-positive cells to total liver tumorous lesion cells 

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