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calculated heart left ventricle weight (CMO:0001123)
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calculated heart left ventricle deoxyribonucleic acid composition measurement +  
calculated heart left ventricle end-systolic internal diameter +  
calculated heart left ventricle weight +   
A measurement which has been normalized or adjusted by a mathematical process or computation of the weight of the left ventricle of the heart, that is, its the heaviness or degree to which it is drawn toward the earth by gravity. The heart left ventricle is the lower chamber of the left side of the heart, which pumps oxygenated blood out through the aorta to all the tissues of the body.
calculated heart right ventricle weight +   
heart left ventricle dry weight 
heart left ventricle fractional shortening 
heart left ventricle relative wall thickness 
heart left ventricle wet weight +   
heart weight to body weight ratio +   
heart weight to tibia length ratio 
ratio of the area occupied by interstitial collagen to the total area of the heart left ventricle 
velocity of circumferential fiber shortening 

Definition Sources: Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed, ISBN:978-1416049982, Saunders:Saunders_Comprehensive_Veterinary_Dictionary--3rd_Ed

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