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heart left ventricle anterior wall thickness (CMO:0000986)
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calculated heart left ventricle morphological measurement +   
heart left ventricle anterior wall thickness +  
The thickness or depth of the ventral/anterior wall of the left ventricle of the heart. The ventral/anterior wall is the portion of the muscle enclosing the ventricle which is farthest from the spine and closest to the chest wall of the organism.
heart left ventricle end-diastolic area +  
heart left ventricle end-systolic area 
heart left ventricle end-systolic diameter +  
heart left ventricle molecular composition measurement +   
heart left ventricle posterior wall thickness +  
heart left ventricle weight +   
heart left ventricular end-diastolic diameter +   
heart right ventricle anterior wall thickness 

Related Synonyms: heart left ventricle ventral wall thickness
Definition Sources: PGA:Ultrasound_protocol, RGD:JRS

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