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voluntary locomotion measurement (CMO:0000955)
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calculated voluntary body movement measurement +   
defensive burying measurement +   
exploratory movement measurement +  
grooming measurement +  
head movement measurement +  
measurement of voluntary immobility +   
rearing measurement +   
righting reflex measurement +   
stress-related movement measurement +  
stretched-attend posture measurement +  
voluntary locomotion measurement +   
Any measurement of the movement of an organism from one place or position to another (especially such a movement accomplished by the action of appendages such as flagella, limbs, or wings) which originated with or was undertaken, controlled, or accomplished as a result of that organism's free will or choice.
voluntary social interaction measurement +   

Definition Sources: American_Heritage:The_American_Heritage_Science_Dictionary_2005, Mosby:Mosbys_Medical_Dictionary--8th_Ed

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