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blood cell measurement (CMO:0000036)
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blood measurement +     
cell measurement +     
adipocyte measurement +   
apoptotic cell measurement +  
blood carboxyhemoglobin level +  
blood cell measurement +   
A value resulting from the quantification of a morphological or physiological parameter of blood cells, i.e. cells native to the circulation, including those of erythroid, lymphoid, myeloid and monocytic lineages. A cell is a membrane-enclosed protoplasmic mass constituting the smallest structural unit of an organism that is capable of independent functioning.
blood chemistry measurement +   
blood coagulation measurement +  
blood gas measurement +  
blood pH +  
blood viscoelasticity 
blood viscosity measurement +  
bronchial epithelial cell count 
cardiomyocyte count 
cell membrane potential +  
hepatocyte count 
mononuclear cell measurement +   
nervous system cell measurement +   
oocyte count 
osteoblast cell count 
osteoclast cell count 
pancreatic beta cell count 
pituicyte measurement +  
Purkinje cell count 
retina cell count 
Schwann cell count 
sperm count +  
vascular endothelial cell measurement 

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