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nucleic acid +   
poly(5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridylic acid) 
poly(cytidylic acid) +   
A polynucleotide comprised of cytidine units connected via 3'->5' phosphodiester linkages.
poly(deoxyadenylic acid) +  
poly(deoxycytidylic acid) +  
poly(deoxyguanylic acid) +  
poly(deoxythymidylic acid) +  
poly(guanylic acid)  
poly(inosinic acid) +   
poly(uridylic acid) 
single-stranded DNA polynucleotide +  

Related Synonyms: Formula=(C9H12N3O7P)nC18H26N6O15P2 ;   Poly C ;   Poly(rC) ;   Polyribocytidylic acid ;   polycytidylic acid
Xrefs: CAS:30811-80-4
Xref Mesh: MESH:D011066

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