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methanol +   
organodiyl group +     
1H-pyrrolediyl group +  
carbonimidoyl group 
carbonyl group +   
CHOH group 
The organodiyl group obtained by removal of two of the methyl protons from methanol.
cis-heme d hydroxychlorin gamma-spirolactone methyl ester 
dihydroxyphenylene group +  
dimethyl fumarate  
dimethyl maleate  
furandiyl group +  
hydrocarbylene group +   
hydrocarbylidene group +  
hydroxymethyl group +   
methoxy group 
methyl ester +   
methyl formate 
methyl L-cysteinate +  
methyl nonanoate 
peptidylproline (omega=0) residue 
peptidylproline (omega=180) residue 
thiocarbonyl group +   

Related Synonyms: Formula=CH2O ;   SMILES=OC(-*)-*

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