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food additive +     
butylated hydroxyanisole  
caffeine +   
ellagic acid +   
flavouring agent +   
flour treatment agent +   
foaming agent 
food acidity regulator +   
food additive carrier +   
food anticaking agent +   
food antifoaming agent +  
food bleaching agent +   
food bulking agent +   
food colour retention agent +  
food colouring +   
food emulsifier +   
food firming agent +   
food gelling agent +  
food glazing agent 
food humectant +   
food packaging gas +   
food preservative +   
food propellant +   
food stabiliser +   
food thickening agent +   
raising agent +   
A food additive which liberates gas so as to increase the volume of a dough or batter, resulting in a lighter and softer finished product.
tin(II) chloride (anhydrous) +   

Related Synonyms: food raising agent ;   food raising agents ;   leavening agent ;   leavening agents ;   raising agents
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Leavening_agent

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